Layers Profile

Similar to any platform a user need to create an account on Layers before start using the protocol but it's different on Layers compared to traditional ones.

Layers runs on blockchain networks so it offers decentralized user-owned profiles. Layers is using soul-bound NFTs as the basic infrastructure for profiles because they offer benefits such as uniqueness, decentralization, and portability. Unlike traditional ones, they are not limited to a single platform. They can be used across the Layers ecosystem.

The process to create a Layers Account:

  • A user needs to mint a Layers ID from the minting page and claim a handle. (follow the details on the minting page)

  • Login to the Layers App by connecting the wallet used for minting.

  • Start using the Layers 🎉

User can also add additional data such as description and social links after minting the profiles on the Layers App.

More Details Coming soon....

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