What is Layers Protocol?

The Layers is a decentralized freelancing protocol built by freelancers for freelancers.


It will be governed by the users and will be working on the principle of proof of work. The Layers protocol is aiming to bring transparency, authenticity, ownership, and interoperability to the existing freelance ecosystem and provide more opportunities to users with its unique freelancer liquidity models.

We are not messing around, It's serious, and here is why?

Layers protocol is aiming to solve some of the major challenges that freelancing spacing is fighting, such as portability, current Freelance platforms don't allow users to move their data from one platform to their choice, and there is no ownership over data which is a must thing because it's not just data, it's experience. With the Layers ownership and portability approach, users will be able to own and move their data.

Another challenge is trusting third parties and the need for multiple profiles to maximize the job opportunity, In order to trust each other the users have to trust the data provided by the third parties (platforms) and there is no way to verify them. The Layers is using blockchains to make the freelancing ecosystem trustless and verifiable. With Layers Freelancer Pools users will be able to get maximum jobs on a single platform.

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